In the Rambynas Regional Park

In the Rambynas Regional Park:

• the natural landscape is the largest part of Šereiklaukis and Bitėnai forests, the Nemunas, the ancient lakes, the meadows of the Nemunas in the Ragainė bend; natural heritage objects - the natural monument “Witch Spruce” with the highest protection status, growing in Vilkyškių forest, and the state protected natural heritage object “Oak Alley”, growing near Vilkyškiai mound;

• the rural landscape - Bardėnai, Bitėnai, Keleriškės, Opstainiai villages, cultivated fields and other agricultural lands in the Vilkyškiai ridge;

• the urban landscape is represented by the town of Vilkyškiai;

• the cultural landscape is mainly concentrated in three landscape complexes. In Šereiklaukis complex - Šereiklaukis manor with a park, tree alleys and Koplyčkalnis and landowners' cemetery, Šereiklaukis mound, ancient cemetery Milžinkapis, ancient settlement Sidabrakalnis, Šereiklaukis village school, old cemeteries; In Vilkyškių complex - Vilkyškiai church, manor, mound with ancient settlements, Oak Alley, Opstainiai Mound and ancient cemetery; In the Rambynas-Bitėnai complex - Rambynas sacred mound, Bitėnai-Užbičiai and Bitėnai-Šilėnai cemeteries, M. Jankus Homestead-Museum, Bitėnai village stork colony; red-brick schools, restaurants, pubs and residential and farm buildings, old Evangelical Lutheran cemeteries throughout the park;

• the functional landscape is the border guard service observation towers and other infrastructure along the Nemunas River from Šereiklaukis to Bitėnai.

Last updated: 26-06-2020