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In short. The Rambynas Regional Park is small but very interesting. It preserves the landscape of a small but extremely valuable fragment of the Nemunas Valley with the famous Rambynas Hill, the bend of Ragainė, the confluence of the Jūra and the Nemunas, and many small old-riverbed lakes. The Rambynas Hill is a famous old shrine. The pantheon of Lithuania Minor, the Bitėnai cemetery, which sheltered the remains of Vydūnas, Martyna Jankus and other famous personalities are located here as well. The stories of book-smugglers are also remembered in the Rambynas Regional Park. The Vilkyškiai ridge is very expressive. Only here you can see a colony of white storks in Bitėnai. Only here a herb of grace (Gratiola officinalis) grows.

 Landscape. Where the Nemunas erupts through the Vilkyškiai ridge and bends in the shape of a sickle, nature and man have created a unique complex of values ​​with a unique natural creation, an old sanctuary, a symbol of the Lithuanian national revival and book-smuggling epochs, the Rambynas Hill. It offers magnificent views of Ragainė, reminiscent of fierce battles with the Crusaders, Tilžė and the Nemunas Delta.

Dead nature. A unique natural creation is the Vilkyškiai ridge with the Nemunas breakwater, is called the Ragainė bend. Unique old-riverbed lakes called ’žiogiai’. A unique confluence of the Jūra and the Nemunas.

 Live nature. The only white stork colony in Lithuania is settled in the pine forest in the center of Bitėnai. The largest Lithuanian river delta with the power of spring floods, the greenery of wide flooded meadows and the eyes of ancient lakes begins from the confluence of the Jūra and the Nemunas. The only place where  herb of grace can be found in Lithuania is by Lake Merguva. "Broom of witches", a 17-trunk spruce tree, grows in Vilkyškiai forest.

Cultural heritage. The Rambynas Hill is the unique sanctuary of the Skalviai tribe, the symbol of the Lithuanian national revival and book-smuggling epochs. The homestead of Martynas Jankus is still called the Mecca of book-smugglers, and the Bitėnai Cemetery next to the Rambynas Hill is the pantheon of Lithuania Minor. It is the place of eternal rest of Vydūnas, Martynas Jankus and other prominent personalities. The town of Vilkyškiai still preserves the architecture of Lithuania Minor.

Exceptional phenomena, living traditions, historical facts, personalities. Mardi Gras (Šiupinys) is celebrated in the regional park according to the traditions of Lithuania Minor. Bitėnai is a point of printing and secret transportation of Lithuanian literature to Lithuania, therefore Rambyne celebrates Book-Smuggler‘s Day. The first festival of Lithuanian songs took place on the Rambynas Hill (at the end of the 19th century), where the first Lithuanian performance was performed.

Cognition and visiting opportunities: places of interest, trails, tracks, observation towers, sightseeing, museums, expositions:

• Observation Decks on Rambynas Hill

• Pantheon of Lithuania Minor - Bitėnai Cemetery

• Cognitive nature trail

• White stork colony in Bitėnai

• Martynas Jankus Museum

• Šereiklaukis, Opstainiai and Opstainiai (Vilkyškiai, Raudondvaris) mounds.

• Giant's graveyard.

• Šereiklaukis Manor

• 39 -oak alley

• Natural monument "Witch spruce"

• Vilkyškių town - an urban reserve

• Exposition of Rambynas Regional Park values ​​in the Visitors‘ Center

• Šereiklaukis forest trail


5 observation towers: in Bardėnai village to the Nemunas Delta landscape, by Lake Merguva to Ragainė Castle and the Rambynas Hill, in Šereiklaukis village to the confluence of the Jūra and Nemunas Rivers and Šereiklaukis Manor, in Šereiklaukis forest path to the confluence of the Šešupė and the Nemunas, in Vilkyškiai to Vilkyškiai Old Town urban reserve.

Last updated: 26-06-2020